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Overview of Teaching & Learning

Research Synthesis

Balancing Nature to Balance Intelligence

Our world is connected. From tweets to digital walls, our social interaction is increasingly reliant on media that leaves only digital footprints.  The 21st century learner learns in ways so dynamic that the teaching principles of centuries past are becoming archaic and ineffective.  As the digital reliance continues to grow, primitive interactions involving nature are set aside.  However, an increasing research based community and movement argue that the balance of nature and technology is paramount to society’s intelligence and progression.  One of the pioneers of the movement, Richard Louv (2012), argues that without nature, society suffers a loss of physical, emotional and family fitness.  Louv also suggests the necessities of possessing a hybrid mind that is capable of both living in a digital age but understanding the natural place that surrounds the technology right environment.
– Pennebacker_Research_Synthesis

Personal Synthesis

Creating constructivism based environments and passion-based learning

Education is a journey.  Regardless of your role, education serves as a journey for all involved in the process.  For the student, education resembles an opportunity for knowledge to grow. For the teacher, education serves as a stage to change lives.  Parents assist and support the student in learning.  Administration presents control and assistance to professional staff. While these defined roles are ideal, many involved in the education journey experience a completely different path.  Often times that path becomes challenged on a socioeconomic scale.  The ideals are lost and parts of the education become less of a journey.  That is why I teach.  I teach for the sincere desire to create a journey for my students.  I realize that I am a small part of their journey and I am honored to assist them in taking advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.