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Large-Scale Planning and Implementation of Educational Technology

Course Description

This course focuses on specific, common tasks of a school district technology leader or manager. The course concentrates on developing the skills and knowledge required to perform those tasks. While other courses may deal with teaching and learning issues, this course deals with the behind-the-scenes infrastructure that is needed to support teaching and learning technology. The course will treat in some detail the process of developing a technology budget, systems for maintaining the school technology “ecosystem” and ways to meet legal and ethical expectations. We also consider how the technology leader manages large-scale projects that fall outside the realm of traditional procedures.

Current Projects and Ideas

1:1 Implementation in Current Teaching Assignment District


Independent Research Synthesis using Kurzweil’s The Singularity is Near


  • Paper: Defining the Next Quintessential Technologist: A Research Synthesis Inspired by the Quintessential American and Ray Kurzweil