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Geospatial Tools

Instructor: Dr. Hammond
Dates: Summer I 2013
Course Description: Exploration of geospatial tools, including but not limited to global positioning systems (GPS), geographic information systems (GIS), and related visualization tools (e.g., Google Earth). Application of these tools and techniques to instructional settings, including appropriate pedagogy and assessment.

Products of the Course:

  • GPS Unit – Part of the course was to create a project useful in my own instruction. I designed a 30 day iTunes U course that I will teach in the Spring of 2014 to AP Computer Science students at Perkiomen Valley High School. The course teaches students about GPS technology and provides a walk through in creating an app that measures tree height, weight and species.
  • Google Earth Markup – Google Earth is a powerful, free visualization tool for geographically-referenced data. One of Google Earth’s most powerful features is its extensibility: content from other sources (e.g., YouTube videos, Flickr images, travel guides) can be layered into the existing framework of geospatial images. Casual users can create their own, customized overlays of data using either a text editor or the built-in markup features. Google Earth is an essential tool for anyone seeking to communicate with a broad audience about geo-referenced data. This project was developed to show students both a HOW to use the program and provide Computer Science students with the possibility of exploring pioneers in Computer Science. Included in this folder is an iBook and all sample files needed for the project

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