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Game Design

Instructor: Dr. Garrigan
Dates: Summer II 2013
Course Description: The learning and motivational power of computer games is an active area of research and development. Learning games are designed through a combination of instructional and motivational design principles. This course will address the theory, practice, and development of learning games in education, industry, health care, and the military. A game development system will be used to produce and test student-developed learning games.

Products of the Course:

  • Block Dude – A portion of the course was to create an independent game. I took the game and decided to create a game that I could teach my Compute Science students more about game design and provide an introduction to programming. Looking for the Stencyl file? Here it is!
  • Research Project – The research project was a brief research on how gaming tutorials are crafted and the lack of them about Stencyl. My project consisted of creating an iTunes U course that housed a 30 day unit plan for Computer Science students. I plan on using this in Fall 2013 at Perkiomen Valley High School. The course can be accessed here and is best viewed on an iPad. Want just the PDF of the book? Here it is!
  • Collaborative Game – The class developed a game to be used this fall in a research project with 6th grade math students. The game is designed to help students learn geometry concepts that previous research has identified as a learning deficiency. More specifically, the game is a multi-level design with each level addressing specific content such that each level builds on the one before it. The Principal Investigator of this project is Dr. Mary Beth Calhoon, Dr. Garrigan is the Co-principal investigator. Depending upon the outcome of the fall research, this may grow into an application for a larger, multi-year funded grant project. Here is the link to get the Stencyl file. 

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